Grass-fed Smash Burgers 12- 8pm

A Food Cart Specializing in Smash Burgers and Tallow Fries!

Experience Mouthwatering Goodness in Every Bite


Smash Burgers With Heart

Our house-ground beef blend is grass-fed grass-finished. We grind the meat fresh almost daily in a high fat ratio of 60/40 lean/fat. We season our beef with light grey French sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper for its health benefits and full-spectrum aroma. We make our American cheese from scratch with real cheddar. Our pickles are locally lacto-fermented and are loaded with natural probiotics. All our produce is locally grown. Our Yes Sauce is made in-house from scratch, and it does not contain ketchup or high fructose corn syrup. The bun also does not contain high fructose corn syrup. Our deep fryer uses 100% grass-fed grass-finished house-rendered beef tallow, and we make sure the temp of the fryer never exceeds 380 degrees to preserve the quality of the fat. Our commitment to quality local ingredients is what sets us apart and it gives us pride to know every burger and every fry has been considered.

"We don't make fast food, but its worth the wait." - Tai Founder of Yes Please